• Punky Pie

    Why didn't women wear underwear! You have me so curious now.

  • Sarah Juarez

    Always been curious when the first one was made. And when they came as popular to wear. And where they came from like what country first came up with them.

  • Richard Boyle

    ahh yes, the word things are what brought me here.

  • Daniel MacBride

    Love this! As a tailor and corsetier, this video pretty much sums up exactly why I specialise in making late 19th century garments – modern steel-boned corsets are quite clunky by comparison, and I don't enjoy making them anywhere near as much as I love constructing their predecessors. I do all my work by hand simply because I love doing it that way – and the delight on my clients' faces when they put on their corset for the first time and see themselves in the mirror makes it worth every bit of the blood, sweat and tears. Chronic illness means I don't make as many garments as I used to (and let's be real, I never mass-produced them anyway because they're so time consuming to make by hand), but I still love what I do and when I can't work, I'm always reading or researching. New sub to your channel, love your work! 🙂

  • Clockwork Kirlia

    Vast and sundry word-things? With an eyebrow raise!? Oh boy!

    (I am also here for the education. As an edit, yes, there was much of all of the above. I'm also up for any given rambles about… really anything to do with this. It's not a subject I know as well as I'd like, though I have done some research.)

  • EmeraldVideosNL

    I loved thos video, but I really must comment on that black blouse you're wearing! Did you make that yourself? If not, please share where you purchased it.

  • Gamingmeows32

    Burning question: Do you have any info on corsets for men?

  • Lilyaxa

    Thanks ! You provide us a new interpretation on corset, and of women's life, with proof and real corset like data base, thanks !
    I'm always thinking that the most part of them was unconfortables, but not all..
    Youtoubers, I love that sensation wich give the corset, modern corset, tight, so… why not ?

  • Designing L

    Great content! ….Going to binge listen while I work!

  • Caerid Lock

    11:14 why yes…I am actually

  • Rhona Brown

    So storytime: the other day my friend was talking about her back hurting and I joked that we should all go back to wearing corsets for back support and she said "oh no, corsets we're terrible, tonnes of people died cause they wore them" eek

  • Project Mayhem

    Maternity corset exists

  • Lynn McDermett

    There were as many sizes then as there are today. When I was a senior in high school I had an 18inch. Other girls I went to school with filled out a long line of sizes. I find it funny that so many think that all women nearly killed themselves with corsets. I find that they help my back when I wear one for a re-enactment.

  • aalley6790

    Does anyone know where her shirt is from?? I love it

  • Eliot Brown

    Know that I am with you in spirit– but, biggest observational shock was given in the Ferris advert you popped up. A line of corsets for children? Hmmm? Is it just me, or does that sound odd. What do children need of support, shaping or any other benefit of corsetry?

  • bookworm266

    I would love to know why women didn't really wear underpants before that period! I know that they didn't… I've just never known why it took so long to be invented!

  • Abigail Thompson

    No joke, I really want a corset now.

  • moranarevel

    When costuming for civil war reenactments, I find that if there was not enough material left in a dress to female for a man's shirt, it was usually left intact. So the existing displays were from young women or children and either the material was not suitable for men's shirts or there was not enough in a continuous piece.

  • Vinni-K

    Being a guy this was actually really interesting. When you said Leicestershire and Market Harborough, I was like what??! Wait I thought you live in America, I commute through that town to work since I live in Leicester. I don't think anyone would know that place other than you, because you do soo much research about the things you make.

  • Faultty

    The massive skirts were probably as much a tool for keep women away from doing ‘manly’ things as much corsets were. Though women subverted that and carried pamphlets of revolutionary ideas in their massive pockets 🙂

  • Mihaela Bortos

    The fact that the camera did not focus on her face during the video is so distracting that I couldn't watch the video.

  • Diana Barrios


  • Diana Barrios


  • Diana Barrios


  • Toby-wan

    Oh my god I love this!

  • Leonidas Piledriver

    Holy hell, my hometown has something interesting. I had no idea

  • Molly H Goulding

    This was really educating and I’m very glad I watched 🙂

  • Тетяна Грига

    А по русски можно?

  • Khayla Page

    ugh i just ran into your channel, i love youuuuuuuu. i wish you had a shop full of clothes you've made

  • Adriya Evans

    …I love the way she speaks…👏👏

  • Ory Bailey

    Can they please give you your own tv series!!! You are a hoot! I love your vast knowledge, your enthusiasm, and your classic look on fashion you amaze me. I’m binge watching your channel as I just discovered you about 2 weeks ago.

  • Anja O.

    Fun fact- I had assumed wale bone was actually wale… bone

  • cminmd0041

    I think part of the problem is what size garments survive! I think people are more likely to "splurge" on expensive garments when they are young (and more likely single) and that makes them more likely to hang onto them- even if/when they outgrow that size 2. So you go into consignment/vintage shops and so many things are tiny and it gives you the impression everyone was a size 2

  • MargoMB19

    I'm going to be uncharacteristically 'meme-y' right here and say I was 'today years old' when I learned that whale bone used in corsets was not actual bone. I don't know why I thought it was, I know what baleen is but for some reason always associated the corset stuff with real bone? Shows how little I actually know about this stuff I guess.

  • justabitofamug

    This makes me want a corset so bad

  • Lanna's Missing Link

    Whenever I search corsets, I only find the waist trainer undercuts style, but I'd love to get a corset to replace wearing a bra as they're THE most uncomfortable thing known to mankind. Any suggestions?

  • Mmm Check Please!

    Working at a department store, as it was explained to me, we used the smaller sizes for display mostly because they took up less space, as there is relatively limited display space for some stores compared to the range of products they have. I guess I never considered the "dainty" aspect of them 😂

  • Shy Galadriel


  • Phoebe Chalk

    I remember reading a blog years ago that mentioned "training corsets" for young ladies who would start wearing them at about 10-12 years old . I can't for the life of me remember where I read it. Is it possible that this kind of thing was meant as sort of a training bra that we know today? Was it very common?

  • Faby07aleixo

    I really wish corsets would come back. I have big chest and bras won't do it. Bras actually deformed me a lot :/

  • Leah Allen

    You are the most proficient speaker I've ever heard! I LOVE YOU, Bernadette – hooked on your videos!

  • Sinclaire Thomas

    I actually do want to know why women basically didn't wear underwear until the 19th century. I've always been a bit curious.

  • marimommyof3

    I find you vastly entertaining, I feel smarter for having listened to you, and the sound of your voice is quite melodic.

  • Cheri Chesley

    they kept stuff

  • A Gypsy Circle

    Can we get the pattern for the Pretty Housemade?

  • Catherine Keehn

    I found a pamphlet in an 1899 sewing machine purchased for a lower body foundation garment. I uploaded a short video of this pamphlet on u- tube. Catherine keehn if you care to view

  • Fair Witness

    Having been recently diagnosed with severe ADHD and dyslexia (many things that happened in my past make sense now…) I find that I'm a great starter. Finishing, not so much.

    I hate, hate, hate… Did I mention hate? I hate cutting a pattern out! I'm fine pinning, and I enjoy sewing, but it feels like the cutting takes forever. For me it's mind numbing. I have yet to finish anything I've ever used a pattern for. Though I have about 10 different pattern packets for corsets….

    So I'm currently sticking to simple straight lines of 8 inches or less with no pattern, quilts. 👍 I figure at least I'll finish it without feeling lost in a tissue paper tornadic mess of diabolical proportions… LoL

    Love love love your channel. Glad I found you. Now I can dream of all those lovely garments that you make… 🙂

  • Sadie Lappin

    The fact that there are 43" waist examples makes me feel so much better about myself, reminding me that my body isn't a uniquely 21st century one.

  • elle Bea

    Corsets always remind me of “Little House on the Prairie.” Ma was concerned that teenage Laura’s figure wouldn’t be any good because Laura wouldn’t sleep in her corset.
    Ma- “When I married your Pa he could span my waist with his two hands!”
    Laura- “Well he can’t now and he still seems to like you fine.”
    So yes, lots of corsets for lots of body types.

  • Jennifer D


  • Fynn Mint

    It is 5am… And i have stumbled upon this channel… I think i'm gonna try to make a corset now

  • Kim Byers

    She should do editorials

  • Susie Hale

    How interesting! As a 56 year old woman who's had 3 children and has a 25 inch waist I can attest to the truth of sizes not having changed down the years. My mother also had a small waist and so does my daughter. As an aside, whilst many people would have us believe that we are bigger when I go shopping I find that it's my size that has sold out, leaving the larger sizes in stock 🤔 which is why I often end up making my own clothes……
    I'd love to make a corset but sadly I lack the skills to do so, so I'll just keep watching your videos and enjoy your triumphs with you 😁

  • Elyse

    So… why didn't women wear undergarments before the 19th century??? I need to know!

  • Mystery Human

    I want to know how she pins her hair up so beautifully

  • EvaTheWolf518

    I find it amazing how much you can learn about one certain type of thing that isn't even thought about a lot and how interesting it is

  • Mallory Anderson

    I wore a replica corset for civil war reenactment multiple times and days. I have a large bust and I was so surprised by how good it felt. the corset supported my … ladies … lol. and my back felt really relieved let me tell you

  • ArtemisScribe

    "Survivorship bias or survival bias is the logical error of concentrating on the people or things that made it past some selection process and overlooking those that did not, typically because of their lack of visibility. This can lead to false conclusions in several different ways. It is a form of selection bias."

    This is basically what we're doing with corsets. The smallest sizes aren't bought so are the ones that survive the best and end up being the ones that end up in collections so we all go "Oh, well all women must have been that size since all corsets we can find are in this size. We will just ignore that said size range is incredibly narrow and that all the corsets are in incredibly good condition to the point where it's highly unlikely they've ever been worn."

  • Girliest Mammy


  • Beagle is Sleeping

    Actual, normal, non-high society women.
    Hooray!!!! I've had so much trouble with that. I want to see what my great great grandmother the farmer's wife wore, not Miss Scarlett.😁

  • Nonetral

    i absolutely love the look of corsets and wishh i had one but im 15 and my mum wont let me get one or make one lmao

  • Léa Mu Biu

    I just saw the Glamour video, in which I found you oddly stiff and your speech very plain—but behold here, on your own, and in your own space, you look and sound so much freer and more joyful 😀 and your words and tone are flourishy as I've learned to love it. <3

  • Bex Luthor

    Seeing all these beautiful pieces of history makes my heart so happy

  • Monster T

    I love this

  • Nataruma

    I wish I could find the video now, but I remember watching a video on youtube at some point where the subject matter was about how older photographs may have been retouched to show smaller waists on women, especially as it was easier to do with black and white photographs in the period they were taken. It kind of speaks to the whole "using illusion to give an idealised shape" concept when the reality is quite different. A 'photoshop' trick of the past, or something like it, it was quite an interesting thing to contemplate and consider, and I wish I had bookmarked it now :/

  • Beer Elf

    I find your wonderful blog and I'm still more enchanted to find another reason to love my hometown. Greetings from Leicester, from a 5th generation garment worked (retired) 💓

  • Nastia

    Another food for thought… I noticed that bras have more than one downside. When a bigger lady wears a bra or when you yourself start getting old and your skin begins to dangle a little ,bras tend to make situation worse because rolls of skin form on your silluete which aren't flattering and noone is overjoyed once they notice them. However i think corsets would prevent from such things happening because they keep your torso "wrinkle free" =) watching your videos and being sick of bras I'm beginning to consider making myself a comfortable corset instead of a bra.

  • Helena Teixeira

    I'm SO curious about maternity corsets. You mentioned one in Costume College but didn't show it and I was wondering what's the difference…

  • James buckingham

    This is absolutely delightful!! And exactly the video I needed, I'm currently going through the hell and torture of hand sewing a corset ( because i guess i hate myself) and this is lovely!

  • Carolrose Carlson

    I love your videos. Baleen stresses both syllables and both the 'a' and 'e' sounds are long.

  • Helena S

    Omg I love the fact that they also kept examples from other companies as “research” or trophies

  • Tarapi Pyo

    She has such a vast vocabulary 😍😍

  • Eden Tate

    You’re absolutely right- personally I don’t see the “tight-lacers” as anything different from the likes of Kim Kardashian wearing extreme waist trainers etc. There will always be extremes 🤷🏻‍♀️ Thank you for this insightful and well researched video!

  • Dr. Evil

    word things :p

  • trumpetsounds

    i want a corset to help with my bad posture but since im trans i worry about my dysphoria :/

  • greenmoneyfairy

    As a late night traveler of YouTube. A talk on historical underwear would be very interesting.

  • Jaxon TM

    Is it just me, or does she look like she's sped up when she talks?

  • Tara N

    I logged onto my computer to throw my CV at a recent job opening I spotted.
    Thus CV still hasn't been uploaded and instead I am very much enjoying your videos Bernadette!

  • Linda Pesnell

    ❤️ Thank You ❤️

  • Sahana Sankaradoss

    I have a friend in the 7th grade who talks exactly like you and it always reminds me of you

  • Inniebin

    Bernadette Banner is there a difference between 'Stays' and 'Corset' or is it a difference in UK and USA speech? I always wondered that. Or is it a completely different thing?

  • DannyJane

    I've used hemp cord in my 16th century stays. It's marvelous. Light, strong, and washes like a dream–and lasts for freaking EVER. My first one, made in 2001, is STILL usable.

  • Tinyfată

    For science indeed.

  • Patricia Harrison

    And why did they go out of style!!!!

  • Cynthia Brogan

    Pretty house maid sounds great and if I had any semblance of that thing called patients I would totally try to make it

  • retepish

    You had me at the mead…

  • SpartanCharlton

    its true im less interested in all the old fashion dresses but how you speak its very elegant and unusual

  • Mark and Marie

    I love intellectual ranting in general. It tends to generate that one word thing… What is it called? Oh yeah, learning. xD

  • Felicia Dale

    I love your ranting. happy!


    OH OH OH I think a friend of my family runs that Leictershire foundation – she is called Susan Right – she used to make the most AMAZING historical outfits, her children went to school in perfect victorian outfits and no doubt got bullied to death, but they looked AMAZING. Anyway I know she runs some historigal garment foundation in Leicester, so this is probably it.

  • Unicorns Sparkle Rainbow somthing like that

    my teachers: corsets were torture devices and women did nothing in daily life

    me: internal screaming

  • Janis I

    E X T A N T P A T T E R N S vibrates in excitement

  • ryansosweet

    I love these lectures! More please;)

  • wickedpissa25

    Pleasantly intellectual and informative.
    That being said….
    I would happily spend an hour just listening to Ms. Banner read the dictionary.

  • Addy Shorhnr

    Your voice makes me happy
    I don’t have an explanation but it does

  • Salome Jones

    I only discovered your channel at the very start of this year. You're really helping me make sure I'm getting costumes right in mhistorical (nineteenth century) novels I edit and write. You're such a good resource. Thank you very much.

  • marialiyubman

    Watching you make a corset I realized that apparently until now I was convinced corsets were somehow made by magic. Seriously, they are a work of art and I don’t understand how we stopped wearing them. 😭

  • Alicia Borga

    This original video with the details gave me the confidence to make the changes I needed to my medical corsets! Thank you! I don’t have boning staving into my twisted rib cage any longer. Thank you so much!

  • Lauren B Harris

    I love you so much. You’re so bright and funny and your videos are both relaxing and informative. The corsets were gorgeous and I love the idea of cording.

  • McShady

    i once had a self described "radical feminist" go on a 45 minute rant about victorians how disgusting corsetry is and was. Thanks to this video, I went on to shut that uneducated bitch up with flair and style.

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