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hello everyone my name is Chris and I’m
the managing director and owner of the agency.IO we are a digital marketing
social media and events company based out of Barcelona here in sunny Spain. we
are here to help with any company that has had issues during the coronavirus
lockdown and we will be giving away 25,000 euros in free marketing to five
companies that have been most affected here in Barcelona we fully understand
the difficulties that many people and businesses are going through right now
whether it be medical socially or business-wise so we are here to help
with digital marketing and being one of our primary sources of revenue we want
to give back to the companies in Barcelona so please fill out the form
below correctly and we will be choosing five members or five businesses in
Barcelona to get them back on their feet and give them two/three months of
marketing with 25,000 euros from everyone at the family we
wish you the best of health and please if you have any questions about
marketing or need any help business-wise please contact us via the website at the
agency dot IO and send us an email and we’ll be more than happy to either set
up a call or speak to you via whatsapp or via email to help you and see if we
can get your company running like it was before you you


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