President Stenger’s message to the campus community

[Music] Hey Binghamton. President Stenger here. By now, I think you know that we’ve gone online for all of our classes, for the rest of the semester. But we’ve decided not to close the campus, because a lot of our students . . . can’t go home or don’t have the technology that they need. Whether you are on campus, at home or someplace else, I want you to make smart choices. Follow the guidance. Wash your hands regularly. My fingers are turning pink. Don’t gather with a lot of people. Practice social distancing. And, watch a lot of Netflix. Your actions have an impact on the community and the world around you. Think of your grandparents, your neighbors. People with underlying health conditions. My wife Cathy and I, have changed our regular routine significantly, so we can reduce the impact on others. If we do this, we can all stay safe. And, flatten the curve. And, we can end this faster and sooner, rather than later. For now, focus on your classes, stay safe and be there for each other. I hope to see you soon. We can do this Binghamton!

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