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Daily life of Emmi Hello guys, welcome to my home and another normal day of a beauty blogger Actually, it’s no different from others’. I wake up early in the morning, excercising for about 20-30 mins, having breakfast then heading to work My breakfast would never be complete without orange juice. I’ll add in a bit of starch for brain’s health through bananas or sweet potato – very laxative If it’s a day of running and burning lots of calories, I’ll replace them by a bit protein of eggs While taking a break, I read and reply to you guys’ comments It’s about time for work, I’ll quickly finish the skincare and makeup stuffs Lotion You’ve seen me make reviews of different products and skincare routines. Actually, I were just testing them to share the experience with you My daily skincare routine is quite simple In the morning, after using makeup remover and cleanser There are moisturizer, treatment serum, eye cream, and the last one, as always, sunscreen, especially in such high-in-UV weather like this I’ve never forgotten to put on my sunscreen. Otherwise, my skin would be damaged so bad, irritated and burnt My current sunscreen is Sunplay Skin Aqua Clear White In fact, I made lots of reviews of this one before I love it for its lightweight milky form and its gentle scent In the morning, I prefer “milky liquid” rather than solid cream since the cream somtimes cause clogness and sebum and dull skin Remember to shake before use as its forms make the ingredients likely to be separated Though it’s high time for work, one thing I can never skip when making products review videos is that talking about ingredients This is half physical – half chemical sunscreen (SPF 50+, PA 4+), mainly containing Octinoxate – a chemical sun-protective substance that neutralizes UVB so well Second, Zinc Oxide – a popuplar physical sun-protective substance This protects your skin from UVB, UVA1, UVA2, and thanks to Zinc Oxide, you’ll see a white tone-improving layer Third – my beloved Tinosorb S – a physical sun-protective substance that also protects your skin from UVB, UVA1, UVA2 and has stability like Zinc Oxide’s As its name Skin Aqua Clear White, it has good moisturizing, antioxidant and brightening effects As it contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Niacinamide, hydrolyzed collagen, HA in the form of Sodium hyaluronate In spite of the milky form, it’s alcohol-free, so don’t worry sensitive skin girls But it’s quite consuming due to its form For liquid sunsreen like this, I’ll doubly apply it on my face to avoid thick makeup layers First, shake, pour it over my palms, pat it on my whole face, then focus on the rough areas like the nose, under-eyes, philtrum And don’t forget the neck Another thing I like about this product is the feeling of relax and no greasiness it birngs While my skin’s well-moisturized still, I’ll prove it by skin moisture analyzer The moisture level is rising Now I’m gonna use UV Camera to see whether my skin is protected by Skin Aqua Clear White This perfect dark layer protects you from UV Without sunscreen, there will be dark spots on your face, which are melanin – original causes of dark spots Since this sunscreen’s already improved my skintone, I’ll skip the foundation, replace it by a layer of sunscreen powder Then it’s time or the eyebrowns, eyeliners, and mascara (make your eyes look deeper) A bit of lipstick and blusher Tada, we’re done Now I’m so ready to put on my clothes and go to work Let’s get to work Few times a week, I’d rather work at the coffee shop nearby, especially at such inspiring one like this And I’ll have appointments with partners and staff here, too Lunch is my main meal so I eat a lot, but prefer healthy foods still, like fruits, vegetables and chicken A beauty blogger must be so active on social media, so I’ll have my friends take photos of me anywhere possible If you’re spending a long time outside, even where the sun doesn’t reach, don’t forget to touch up by sunscreen I have to admit that this Skin Aqua Clear White does a good job on moisturizing my skin My skin remains soft and smooth and the moisture level even doesn’t decrease I spend my afternoon meeting and discussing with Happy Skin’s staff I really love the brainstorm section with new ideas. But sometimes, it’s kinda stressful when it comes to figures I have filming and photoshoot 3-4 times a week Finally home! It’s been a long day with full of interesting things It’s 9:00PM and the only last thing to do is makeup removing and cleansing, then it’s time for bed You know what’s the happiest moment? It’s when I look at the mirror and find out my skin’s not bad at all after a long day My secret is this, I’m not about to use it right now. I mean, if you want to maintain your skin’s condition til the end of the day, don’t forget suscreen You should go for moisturizing and brightening sunscreen Okay, I’m gonna remove my makeup and enjoy the bedtime, bye bye, see you later

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