Make Your Home a Social Media Star | How to Host | Airbnb

Make Your Home a Social Media Star | How to Host | Airbnb

(upbeat pop music) (birds chirping) – Hey I’m Tom. I’m a digital marketer in
the hospitality industry and a host in beautiful
Skykomish, Washington and this is Tye Haus. (nature sounds) I bought the first A frame in 2012, fixed it up, and listed it on Airbnb, and it all started from there. Social media’s a powerful tool for you to generate interest and increase exposure for your property. We personally went from
a 30% occupancy rate to close to 100%. (train whistle blowing) Here are my tips on how to put your home on the social media map. Naming your space is an
important first step. You want to find something
that’s memorable and clever. (upbeat pop music) Think about what kind
of property you have, is it a chalet, is it a cabin,
is it a beachfront home? For us, we named our A frames after three of the neighboring rivers, Tye,
Foss, and Skykomish rivers. It’s very important to
start with beautiful photos. They’re what’s gonna sell your space. Try to capture what sets your home apart, the interior, is it the
character, is it the location? Find out what makes your
property interesting and focus on that. A great way to generate
photography and content for your feed is to reach
out to local influencers, offer free stays, discounted stays. Make sure it’s a win-win
situation for both of you. Once you’ve created your online presence and you have a feed
full of stunning images, you then also need to be present online. Act as sort of an ambassador
or concierge to the area. You know, answer questions,
offer resources to people. This is just another necessary step to help build your online presence. As a rule of thumb, nobody
likes to be marketed to whether it’s online or in person. So remember to be genuine in
all your online interactions. Don’t comment just to
comment or to be seen. Don’t overdo the hashtag thing. It comes across as overly promotional and I think people
could always sense that. (gentle rock music) I know if you guys follow these tips it will only improve your online presence and awareness of your property. I’m Tom and I’m a host in
beautiful Skykomish, Washington. Happy hosting. (relaxed pop music)


  • Sean Ahern

    Great tips! I've stayed at Tye Haus and it's the real deal. Thanks for sharing.

  • ZeroZ

    Step 5: Get your listing to AirBnB official youtube page 😀

  • J Son

    Love your listings! Definitely going to check them out. I'm the Airbnb'er who'll visit a place because the Airbnb looks cool rather than knowing where I want to visit and finding a spot there. I let the cool listings direct to me to where to visit.

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