• Diana Sasina


  • Larry Dawson

    And yet the corrupt FBI and DOJ to this day have done nothing. Being played by Barr? Indictments will tell.

  • Harold Ross Lilly

    Smug as a bug in the rug while The Egyptian Pharoh used a mace on his slaves in the afterlife to row row his barge up the milky way to the dog star in the constellation of Orion.

  • Ronda Doolin

    Hillary is a liar…..shes going to jail…ALL THOSE LIARS ARE GOING DOWN

  • Ronda Doolin

    She lied….that is an offence she can go to jail for LIAR liar

  • Randy Martolph FBI

    If Hillary told the truth she might have won. Just shows what corruption gets you, nothing!

  • Peter Condos

    How is this woman NOT in prison ?


    Everytime I see Trey, He comb's His Hair in a Different way ? lmao !

  • Greg James

    Is Gowdy thinking of running for president? I would like to see him run with Shapiro.

  • Greg James


  • Chris Danko

    Ummmm…Is CBS even listening to what is being said? Comey has said more than 3 times that Hillary lied!!! Why does the caption say COMEY: CLINTON DID NOT LIE TO THE FBI??????? Unbelievable!!! Blatant LIES!!!

  • Patricia Eroz

    Looks Like See B.S. & DJ
    (& Are Still Acting❓)
    As If They Do Not Lie About hrc & Cabal
    That ‘she’ Will 🗡 ‘Em.

  • Jim Stone

    Private email account…so she could raise money from foreign Nations….fact

  • Richard Tschida

    Mr. Gowdy is a very intelligent man and damn I am glad he is a republican servant.

  • Aimsmall CQ

    But she wanted to be the first female president! Why, oh why didn't she get what she wanted? Why you may ask am I behind in in the poles?

  • Heather Brant

    Ohh the wonderful webs we weave..

  • Heather Brant

    Clinton is not guilty if she was they would have arrested her already..just because you want something doesn’t make it true..cough..Trump And Russia…Cough…

  • Steve Eisenhower Eisenhower

    Comey the dirty cop

  • Raptor One

    So comeys own testimony points out that Comey lied to the America people Hillary is guilty of many felonies, but Comey gave her a pass.

  • Keith Dallmeier

    Mind blown! Mr. Gowdy just cares about our country and disregards all the bipartisan BS!

  • tomhook hook

    Trey Gowdy is a very good person and he does a good job

  • Anthony Eagler

    They had her point blank with mountains of evidence and testimony and she still walked. Common folk got found guilty with microscopic particles found and partial fingerprints with no witnesses.

  • Steven Hammer

    Hoping the chickens are going to come home to roost for F*ing Comey.

  • phil lamonica

    It is extremely difficult to watch this video and not come away with a clear sense that the FBI (and several high ranking members thereof) were more interested in installing their candidate of choice (Clinton) than seeing that justice was done. Not only did she lie repeatedly to FBI investigators (a crime in itself) but committed numerous felonies that prompted the lies.  Hillary knew the Obama machinery would protect her no matter what. Thank God the American people rejected this criminal.

  • Darrell Charlton

    Ted Gowdy for President 2024!!

  • Jay Arnold

    Blockad removed. Popcorn anyone?

  • Clint Studt

    This is not Walter Cronkites CBS , and he was pretty liberal folks!

  • Penny Krier

    The media is fake and lie do not watch them! Period! @cbsn

  • Girish Kulkarni

    ure allways not liable and not obey treaty.

  • Girish Kulkarni

    because given minimum rate all the world fir bhi itna ye

  • Girish Kulkarni

    you have not liable i think

  • Girish Kulkarni

    decide kiya use 20% karke other way suggest kiye to bhi kare nahi sakete how become no. 1 or protect ure nation

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