COVID-19 Marketing Strategies & Tactics

COVID-19 Marketing Strategies & Tactics

Hey guys happy Friday alright so this is
a different livestream that we’re gonna do we want to thank all those who are
jumping in after the live stream super shout-out to you guys for watching
afterwards we hope this is gonna be a super impactful and helpful livestream
for you for those of you who do not know my name is Aaron and my name is
Christian awesome and well as you have questions or anything like that please
comment below I don’t think we can necessarily share screen if we could
we’d have you jump on here via video I don’t know if that’s possible but Jack
will be helping us with our comments and we’ll try to be monitoring them as well
so we have some tips and tactics and strategies for you guys to use in your
business right now you know this is kind of a a time where people have a lot of
unknown so if you have any questions about your business specifically you can
just drop them below and we’ll try to answer them for you yeah hi Jodi
she says hi there oh hi Jodi back yes awesome okay it looks like I can finally
see comments they’re cool all right we’re back are we back we’re
back okay so before we get into this I wanted to
phrase something that I heard from a good internet entrepreneur I should check him
out Pat Flynn and he was kind of just a really quick recap he was part of like a
2008 crisis and financial downturn and he had to reinvent himself so he came up
with like these two two camps here that I think are very beneficial for
everybody which is the first camp which is you can blame everybody you can be
fearful you can watch the news and just sit back and do nothing and then there’s
the other camp of people who are overly optimistic and think that this is just
nothing and they should still continue to go to the beach and do whatever so
Christian and I are not on one side or the other that’s not the point for this
but our point is that you should take action and even before we started doing
the live stream right now we were just talking with a client and talking to her
about hey look this is not a time to sit back and hope that things get better
like we have to take action we want you to try new things you may have to get
out of your comfort zone but there’s still ways that you can help grow and
help your business succeed and move forward but if we sit back then it’s
kind of in you know there’s it’s in nobody’s hands at that point you got to
take action for it so that’s what we want to give you guys it’s actionable
tips and strategies and if you have questions specific to your business drop
them down below at any time and as they come in we’ll answer them so you have
anything to add to that I don’t know if I was like did you understand the two
camps I just wanna make sure that was super clear to people that yeah I mean
you said that we weren’t on either side but I think we are we are in the action
side I don’t know why you said that well I’m saying like I don’t I don’t think
we’re on the overly optimistic like it’s gonna end tomorrow kind of that side
like I don’t think that we’re walking around just thinking like Oh business as
usual like this is going to affect us or effect us in the sense that like it’s
gonna have some kind of toll on us with either family friends something like
it’s a worldwide thing so we can’t just be like glassy-eyed and just say that
there’s not gonna be anything that happens because of it yeah absolutely
yeah I think businesses are definitely gonna change and they’re probably gonna
be thinking of different ways of doing business not just you know the hand to
hand eye to eye type deal there’s to be I think is shift in a lot of
businesses where they’re gonna try to do more things online and I think that’s
what we’re some of that sense that we’re talking about today are figuring out
ways to move some of the things that you already do or potentially haven’t been
doing or been thinking about for a long time and actually take action and try to
do something with that online awesome yeah that’s I think that’s the biggest
thing is for every business is gonna be a little bit unique and a little bit
different but these are some general statements and we’ll talk about who it’s
more specifically geared towards but how other businesses could use them as well
which is again why please leave a comment let us know actually let us know
you’re here this is supposed to be we’re all at home we’re in this together we’re
not at home right now but we want to do this together so this is more of a
community involvement so please make sure to leave a comment just let us know
you here we’d love to say hello yeah and if you have any ideas or if you’ve seen
because I’ve seen some stuff on Facebook and I’ve shared on my personal page
actually and we’ll talk about it a little bit later but if you’ve seen
anything on Facebook of other businesses doing anything unique or out of the box
to try to keep their business afloat mm-hmm let us know this know in the
comments or put the link or whatever just share it somewhere so we can kind
of share that with our audience as well yeah so one of the first things that you
can do if you are a local business and you are specifically like in the
restaurant hospitality industry is that we know that people are still gonna
celebrate birth or birth birth birth birth threes birthdays and anniversaries
and even if you aren’t in the restaurant business maybe you are in a different
industry or something like that you can still use the fact that people are
purchasing things for people’s birthdays and anniversaries but it may not look
like Christians anniversary I want to know every birthday birthday no no no
you’re gonna yeah anniversary and like May or something right when it’s coming
up yeah yeah yeah so they’re probably who knows that they’re gonna be able to
go out to dinner but they could get dinner in and they could you know get a
gift card from somewhere so they could celebrate their anniversary differently
and people could be marketing the Christian knowing that hey you have an
anniversary coming up you still want to celebrate and spend time with your sorry
that was our Instagram live down um it’s probably still going but uh
nice that’s good so there’s obviously live so my point is that they could
still market to you and say hey great you can still have a nice dinner you can
still have get flowers delivered you can still have all these things that’s just
gonna be inside of your home more so than it is gonna be out in the community
you’re not necessarily gonna be able to attend a restaurant but you can still
have that anniversary or that birthday that you could celebrate so that’s what
I guess people are don’t realize that I mean for the local businesses you have
to order within a certain area and people have you know this is probably
the one thing that everybody is doing is curbside and delivery we’re trying to
figure out a way to do curbside and delivery and that’s good
but I think the the messaging behind that is the most important like why
would people just go out of the way to purchase from your location or purchase
from the place that that you’re offering yeah and I think like it’s something
else that I think door – and all these other delivery services are doing is you
know not doing any hand contact or mmm I think that’s what it’s called
non-contact delivery where they’re just sort of leaving it in a front door front
door and not having any sort of contact or anything with with that person
obviously that something that you can implement along with you know your
strategy of targeting people who are doing birthday or anniversaries or
things that you know that even in time of crisis you still want to sort of
celebrate or keep doing in order to keep people’s spirits up you know you don’t
want to just cancel your birthdays and cancel your party than all this stuff
you still want to keep doing these things and as a business I think it’s
important to push that and make people feel comfortable or try to make them
somewhat normal right so that’s why this is our first tip I guess is you know
people are still gonna try to celebrate these things and if they’re now they’re
thinking about not doing it then you as a business owner have the opportunity to
inform them that hey yeah it’s okay to do these things sometimes even in times
of crisis and you can use your social media platforms you know Facebook
Instagram Live TikTok whatever to inform people that
hey even though this is still going on we still have some opportunities in
front of us right so people are still gonna buy food like there’s essentials
that people are gonna still need so food being one of them they’re still gonna
need utilities they’re still gonna have to have activities it’s not like you
know as much as we talk about and we’re playing around not everybody is going at
home and just watching Disney Plus or Netflix and for those of you who are in
a couple of days you will be bored you will want to be outside who want to be
doing something you want to see people and so to keep on with the food aspect
of things I want to find a way and Christian and I are working on some some
really cool things to where you know local restaurants or think or people
like that could still go good carryout and it may seem weird right now because
it’s not something we do but like a Christian and I still wanted to have
dinner together we could get dinner from the same restaurant maybe they offer
two-for-one like Chili’s does or something like that or a local
restaurant it’s like okay great I’m buying dinner tonight but we meet via
zoom and it’s like literally our families both meet up we both are eating
the same meal shopping locally and it’s like a little virtual dinner basically
with friends so it’s like it’s not the same thing you can’t actually see them
or you can’t actually touch them which you know some people don’t like that
anyway but it is the next best thing the same thing that I’ve heard for like
coffee shops you know they could start mailing out there coffee shown selling
it online and then setting up certain hours online where it’s like all right
Christian between 11:00 and 1:00 we’re doing a virtual coffee hour and it’s
like maybe everybody’s microphone is muted somebody’s controlling it from the
coffee shop and everybody’s muted but it’s just nice to see other people and
people think that it’s kind of weird but if you go to a Starbucks right now it’s
like most of the time people are sitting there by themselves with their
headphones in anyway and they just see people they just want to be out there
they want to be seeing people so you could do the exact same thing sell your
coffee have people enjoy their coffee or coffee at home and then set up a your
coffee shop get set up a virtual like lounge to where people are working
they’re working from their home but they’re like yeah I let I have my smell
of my coffee here and I can see the people and it’s it’s those random people
still but it’s still a sense of community
shoutout to my girlfriend Megan she actually did something like that in a
day where her and her teacher friends got together on zoom’ and we’re talking
about you know everything that’s going on what they’ve been doing things like
that Jodie said let’s have one at 5:00 let’s
do it I mean yeah so wine happy hours okay cool so we’ll be able to see
comments that’s good and I saying y’all are still sitting too close together
this is actually six feet the lens let’s make it look like it’s closer there’s
actually a box of what is it sanitizer like a plexiglass type of deal right yes
we should have but yeah I think that’s I think that’s you know people already
using an in adapting zoom is a great free platform for you guys you can do 45
minutes for free right now they may be offering something a little bit in the
future – but zooms free for a lot of people so you could still meet up with
your friends still go have coffee but I think the biggest thing we’re trying to
say here for those business owner is think about the needs of your customers
and how can you meet them so they still wanna have coffee so Christian’s
girlfriend probably still wanted to have coffee she probably still want to drink
wine but she probably wanted to do it with friends and she probably didn’t
want to spend you know that time going to the store or that time going to the
coffee shop because she’s a little weird right now well can’t you offer a unique
solution to her saying hey look we’re gonna deliver it to you we’ll give you
free delivery and if you do it with a friend here’s like an opportunity for
you guys to sit down together or like here’s a unique way for you guys to do
it like maybe there’s a game maybe there’s something some kind of offer for
that so that it just helps people and gets them into the situation where they
feel like it’s a little bit more comfortable they could go and do it
themselves yeah I think another tip regarding not necessarily zoom but live
videos exactly what we’re doing right now we have about 16 people on live
right now which is probably the most we’ve had on a Friday at noon yeah live
video and that’s because a lot of people are right at home right and they have
the flexibility of being able to get on Facebook and watch this while they may
be doing some other things or maybe just cooking lunch for the kids so take
advantage of that as a business owner you have Facebook lab you have Instagram
live you have actually Instagram live I’ve seen a huge uptake oh my god
everybody’s in one live on it’s people do an Instagram lives so take advantage
of that use of platforms to again just spread your message maybe just read
positivity for example today we’re not necessarily selling anything we’re just
kind of giving you tips and things that we’ve seen other businesses do and that
you can do as well so live video that’s another tip that you can do today yeah
and I think that some people are doing a really good job of saying like sell gift
cards like if you look it up any article right now it’s like if your retail
location will get into some other businesses here shortly but let me
digress for a second and say that our main focus right now of those
restaurants and hospitality and hotels and things like that because those are
the ones who employ a lot of hourly workers and those are the ones that are
gonna impact our community the most right now that that we can see you know
salaried workers for the most part it’s kind of uncertain but they’re still
getting paid for right now until it gets to a certain level who knows but those
people who are out of work right now are the restaurants the people who are at
the hospitality those theaters so those are the options are these are the
options for those people because once those situations are better it makes
everything for everyone else a little bit better so that’s about the local
community it doesn’t matter if you’re here in Dallas Texas or not this is for
your local community too that you can use this and one thing that people are
doing is buying gift cards I think that you know buying a gift card or offering
a gift card is good but a better way to do it is hey look kind of like how the
US does it sometimes for bonds like buy this seventy five dollar gift card I’ll
give it to you for fifty knowing that they won’t use it or hoping that they
won’t use it you know right away hopefully you have a little bit of
margins with it but it helps with cash flow and if you can sell enough gift
cards and they don’t use it for a month or so and then things start to pick up
it just allows you to bring in cash flow so offer something unique doesn’t have
to be a discount but like for every gift card we’ll give a free delivery or we’ll
send something to somebody just so that you can find a way to get that cash flow
that’s the biggest thing people need right now with is some incoming
transaction some incoming dollars so a unique way to get in front of them give
those gift cards and give that instant gratification to those people
and let them know that supporting your local community because you know even if
they can only buy one gift card from you that’s still gonna help you with that
cash flow and it’s not necessarily affecting your your product or service
right now mm-hmm I think another tip would be something
like what we’ve been working on with our courses right so trying to figure out
and probably a lot of you a lot of business owners out there have been
thinking about this for a while where how do you prioritize your services and
package them up into some sort of course where you can still saw that like we
said earlier like life is still gonna go on right and things are gonna keep
moving and going so this is a matter of taking this extra time that you have now
potentially right you’re not driving back and forth to a lot of different
places to write you more time in the day you have like an extra some people have
an extra three hours a day yeah yeah isn’t saying so take that time to
literally package up your services and figure out a way that maybe you can sell
them online there’s a ton of resources and websites out there that allow you to
create this super easily and also just a lot of online businesses either giving
out discount or like zoom open up opening up additional features so
there’s a lot of opportunities right now with a lot of different businesses where
you can do a plethora of things right and and kind of keep afloat with the
services that you offer but offering them to a different medium right either
doing courses doing Facebook lives using Facebook private groups those are all
like great avenues to still kind of get some income in while using these online
tools to your advantage yeah and I was gonna say so Steve Reeves on here I know
he’s a coaching consultant right now for for businesses a life coach and what
Christian was saying that’s absolutely for you so if you’re more the
professional type service this is the time that you create your course like
you’re just getting in front of the camera knocking out a course and selling
that online people are looking to do that more than ever like what we’ve
noticed anyway is there’s an uptick in people who are looking for how to
start my own business because they’re like look I feel pigeon holder I feel
like I’m at risk because I you know didn’t have a backup source of income
how can I make myself more digital and sell a product or service online so this
is your opportunity if this goes on for another couple weeks in those couple
weeks you could literally create that course and that could change your whole
trajectory for your business before it was networking groups and in-person
meetings but now you have leverage you can sell the product or service online
so it happily I mean um highly encourage you if you have it like with Christian
was saying to productize that figure out a way just get in front of a camera even
if it’s not your best work yet it’s still something package it up and sell
that offer that to somebody because there are still people who are
purchasing contrary to popular belief or what’s going on some of you guys have
probably purchase things online I know Christian just purchased something that
will tell you guys about a little bit later but he just spent ten or fifteen
bucks online Oh five bucks huh five bucks five bucks
so it was it wasn’t that much but he just bought something for five dollars
just you know an hour or so ago so people are still purchasing online in
those professional services this is the time to create the courses we’ll talk
about resources that you can use and how you can get that out there a little bit
later very inexpensively later part of the resources but the do
we have a question and I said that you still might head to you which I do we
still maybe they get card wound oh well Steve is offering free coaching time
slots awesome Steve thanks Steve Abbie said there has never been a better
time for the local marketing academy it’s very true marketing has never been
more important absolutely all my marketing absolutely yeah Beny Beny purpose consulting we are
extending our hours to look over life insurance policies and making sure you
have the right policy in today’s pandemic awesome yeah so I mean people
are adjusting their business I don’t think Beny would be extending their
hours right now if there wasn’t a need from people who are looking at it I know
that I know to health insurance advisors who are just going crazy right now with
how busy they are because people are like oh wow I need to take care of my
family need the health insurance so one of the
good things is coming out of this is like a realization for people that like
hey I was neglecting this so now I’m making you know making sure this is
happening so those health insurance people are super busy and I guess a tip
for you guys is that restaurant hospitality industry find out the
industries that are thriving right now which we know commercial cleaning is
doing really well we know that insurance is doing really well we know that like
medical services are doing really well any type of product in the industry how
can you make a partnership with somebody in the area how can you like offer free
food or offer to give deliveries to all the clients say hey we’re a commercial
cleaning company or you’re a you know let’s just say a restaurant we’d love to
partner with your commercial cleaning company and offer a lunch to your
clients or whatever oh can you offer this to them or can you give this to
your employees because they’re out here risking you know potentially their lives
cleaning why couldn’t you offer them lunch why
couldn’t you work with those people because there’s a lot of commercial
cleaning companies that are probably going 24/7 right now trying to make sure
that they can clean places how could you why could you not reach out and offer
food or work with them to make that happen same thing for the health
insurance people they’re working around the clock they’re at their home they
can’t really leave they got to take phone calls everything why can’t we
reach out to them offer delivery offer some service for them mmm-hmm Jody
Wallace says I am happy to offer near neuro-linguistic 30 sessions to manage
fear and limiting beliefs okay well that’s email it that’s awesome
so this is kind of also like I love this too it wasn’t necessarily the purpose
but it’s also even better because we want to give tips and tactics and
strategies but I think it’s even better that these business owners are offering
their services here and everybody is looking to find a way to help out the
community so they’re nice there’s obviously people here so if you see
those on here that are like hey look I need a look at my life insurance or hey
I I do need to help with you know looking at the news and I need help with
like you know getting my mindset correct well we have people on here who are
offering to to help with that so that’s super awesome thing
dgod for doing that we have another question or comment from Steve oh yeah
so Steve Reed says my coaching is to help people with the stronger
communication skills specifically listening many couples are having to
relearn how to interact with each other especially since they’re together 24/7
Wow that’s absolutely true and probably communicate with their kids too because
you know depending on how old your kids are by the time that they’re five you’ve
basically given them up for half of a day so you only know what one part of a
routine is like we’re like what’s Saturday and Sunday is like so it’s like
oh I don’t know this is uh I never knew my kid did this or I never knew how to
like entertain my kid how is it different for you Christian is it
different like I mean you’re quarantined yourself a little bit with Megan is it
different is it better it I mean it depends some there in my house and then
Megan’s so I want Megan’s because of the new puppy obviously so I mean the new
puppy helps I guess with the emotions of not doing anything you know or I don’t
like Megan’s stuck with the puppy ones all day so definitely helps so I guess
that’s another thing if you’re at home doing nothing and don’t have any kids
then just go adopt a puppy and I’ve seen an article somewhere that we’re talking
about exactly doing that and we got our puppy maybe a few weeks a couple of
weeks before this all happened so it’s kind of been good I guess in the sense
because we can spend more time with with her so right she’s feeling the love
I saw a meme out that it was like the people who are benefiting most from
kovat 19 and it’s like all these puppy memes like yeah like we love our humans
alright so I like Christian mentioned earlier and I think this is something
that we should absolutely talk about and more people should be doing is video but
more specifically live video because you’re like he said there’s more people
who are watching this live video than normally at this time but more
importantly your audience to hear from you how can you offer a
unique solution to them and a lot of times I think that what people mess
potentially mess up is that they try to sell their product or service when
that’s not a need that they have we’re not gonna watch a live video that
doesn’t necessarily affect them or help them so for example you guys are
watching this right now because you’re a business owner and you want to find out
tips and tactics and strategies to help you get through this time well your
customers don’t necessarily always want to buy food it is a problem that they
have but more importantly how can you help them with other situations so a lot
of parents are trying to figure out how do i homeschool my kid I’ve never done
this I’m an accountant and I don’t know how to teach them language arts I don’t
know how to do this I don’t know how to entertain them and I don’t want to sit
them in front of Netflix or Disney Plus just all day just let them veg out I
want to interact with them I want to find a way that we can you know continue
to educate so these are real problems that parents are having or having how
can you offer a unique solution and it doesn’t have to be related to your
business you could go live a couple times per week and offer solutions like
hey here’s some DIY type things you can do with your kids and you could couple
it with great now let’s have snack time so here’s some popcorn and we’ll have
that with it or like let’s do this and here’s some foods you can couple it with
your product but offer a solution to the real problems that they’re having right
now there’s like I said a lot of time days seem like they’re going on a lot
longer because people aren’t able to get out they aren’t able to travel they’re
unable to work you know outside of the home so what’s going on right now is
that they have all that free time and they don’t know what to do with it so
you could offer a unique solution to help them or help the situations that
they have especially I think the biggest issue or the biggest opportunity here is
is to help with kids mm-hmm absolutely we have a couple comments Christina
wonderful resource for couples today marriage to calm shout out and I said
that she agrees about the dog getting a dog right now there’s so much joy for
these long days and also keeps you from just sitting at home all day right you
have to take him out every 45 minutes to make sure that they go for your body so
it’s a good exercise as well Rob also said that if you are in Collin
County and you want to adopt a pet with Collin County Animal Services you have
to make an appointment so she moved a phone number in there for all of you
looking to do something else I do wanna talk about can we talk about this cost
of reductions yes I’d probably want to touch on all of those but obviously
something that businesses have to go through is you know paying rent paying
insurance is paying all these things so what can you do as far as cost reduction
and we have a little list in here but and some of these things actually Aaron
and I have done for our business recently because we’re looking into
doing a different accounting system with profits first but something like having
a one-time payment right for some services so you might be using an email
provider let’s say MailChimp where you’re paying monthly
think about just switching from monthly to obviously it may be not the right
time it plays right not to do that but from switching to monthly to yearly
right you probably can save a lot of money there and also there are services
for example we’ll send Fox it’s just a one-time payment you’d literally pay
once and you’re done with it it’s $49 to and they do a free migration service so
if you’re on MailChimp or something like that paying $30 a month they’ll migrate
everything over to send Fax for you and it’s $49 like that’s it yeah
so there’s so many tools and so many things out there that if your business
uses any of these marketing tools or software there’s probably an alternative
out there where it could be free you could be paying for the yearly which can
save you money or there’s some that you just pay once and then you’re done so I
would definitely look into those things look at all of your services or apps
that you use and see how you can reduce the cost
sometimes even and we did this with one of the things that we’ve been paying
monthly is we didn’t need to be on that tear column right the silver package we
just needed to be in the bronze package which is saved like maybe seven bucks
seven or eight bucks a month but it’s seven or eight bucks a month so think
about ways that you can redo the cost of some of the things that may
be software apps that you’re using what else that we haven’t here also shout out
to Tommy Connors hey man how are you doing so buddy said a great time to get
familiar with live video thank you for bringing for the for this question what
tools or apps would you suggest for new or existing businesses owners to start
lining to reach their audiences more obviously a male a male software right
whether it’s either MailChimp we highly recommend send Fax just because it’s a
one-time payment and it has all the features that you would need from
something like MailChimp or Constant Contact as far as any other tools or
apps to reach your businesses there’s I mean there’s text message software out
there so this is all things that you probably should have done previously but
I think that it’s something that you should continue to do is emailing and
touching base because there was a survey out yesterday or video that Christian
made me watch or whatever and it was like okay how have you communicated with
your clients and how has this affected your business so I would say like 30
percent of the people have actually communicated with their audience and the
other 70% of like I’m about to or I haven’t yet and they don’t know what’s
going on they don’t know how this is affecting your business they don’t know
how it’s going on like so at the very at the bare minimum email and a lot of
people will say email is quote-unquote dead it is still very much alive so at
least using something like sin Fox to communicate with your audience to let
them know about offers that’s that I mean that’s that’s huge right now but
also just literally I mean we don’t necessarily need a ton ton of tools or
apps to make it work but just going alive from Facebook or Instagram is what
you need right now you can get fancy later we don’t want to necessarily tell
people you need to go buy this certain app or anything like that you do need to
buy a software to send emails but to go live on Facebook you can you can grow
just by going live and doing that there are a lot of free resources though you
can go to you me to get an online course I know that
there’s a lot of other people who are giving way they’re like online marketing
courses for free which we will do as well for at least you know the next
thirty days or so we’ll tell you a little bit more about that later but
there’s a lot of free resources out there for people and we’ll drop those in
there a little bit later Benny I don’t know if we answer the question
specifically but I mean I would also say Facebook group private Facebook groups
yeah that’s a that’s a great Avenue to stay
in contact with your with your following something that we use also for a company
we started this year actually was active campaign which again it’s more so kind
of like MailChimp but on steroids where has you had the opportunity to just
build automations and different things like that and it just makes it a lot
easier to again what you’re saying connect with your audience right and I
mean it has a bunch of other tools active campaign but that’s something
that we started using and just implementing heavily with our business
so I would say that I would say private Facebook groups obviously any social
media network out there and use the tools that they give you right Aaron is
talking about live video Instagram live will definitely be another Avenue shout
out when and I guess one other thing to mention right now it’s even more
important as you have more time we we don’t necessarily advocate this for
businesses whenever we talk to them for a couple of reasons one there we know
that they’re running their business so they’re super busy and if they don’t
have a team it doesn’t make sense for them but when they do have more time the
best thing for you to do is go out on like Instagram it’s the easiest place
and get in the conversations if you sell a product like clothing or food or
whatever else guilt into those hashtags that are like Allen TX or Dallas TX or
like clothing or food or whatever and go to those bigger accounts go to those
medium size accounts and have real conversations with people it sends
people back to your page and you may realize oh great somebody actually needs
my services I did that the other day and got a potential lead for a website
because this guy was like hey look we’re networking and he’s like I need help
with a website I was like I responded and said okay great you know what kind
of website let me DM you so I messaged him got his
email now we’re talking back and forth same kind of thing could have
for you for clothing you could just be indifferent mom’s groups like on
Facebook or on Instagram not necessarily a group but like inside of a post and
just go back and forth like hey I love this or I love this too and just have
conversations so think of it as more of a we’re not going out into the the mall
or to a networking group that you would actually run into these people but they
still are communicating and they still are gathering online find your tribe
find your group online and communicate with them that way it’s more
hand-to-hand combat but like we said the average person has an extra three hours
a day because they’re not commuting even if you only had an extra two hours today
it’s still time that you could spend growing your business and just reaching
out to people one on one and that’s how it happens I mean you know you give me
an extra five customers a day doesn’t seem like a lot but that adds up
throughout the week and extra 30 customers a week like that could change
your business mm-hmm Megan said that she’s still helping kids
continue learning right by communicating with them with the online platforms that
McKinney ISD provides so even if it’s not you know the six seven hours that
they’re in school she’s saying that you know she’s still trying to engage with
her students and she told me the other day she was like itching for to know of
other students and how they’re doing and all that stuff so that’s definitely
something that teachers could do right providing resources for for parents on
how to try to figure out how to home-school or given resources to the
parents as far as lessons and things like that that they could do at home
well in even the local businesses so like if you’re a local business reaching
out and calling out saying hey we’re looking for all teachers how can you
know we don’t know anything about teaching but we want to provide
resources for our customers we’d love to you know have you help out like we’ll
give you free food and you know maybe they’ll send something to the potential
parents or whatever like hey mrs. Puckett or whatever is teaching on
something and we’re gonna send lunch okay great so by lunch for your kids and
you know she’s gonna teach about it so how can you as a restaurant or
hospitality industry or something like that we partner with teachers because
they’re obviously not at school right now either so how could they be used
they want to feel like they’re still being impactful and not have to just
sit at home and widen Netflix to like they still want to teach us the reason
they got into teaching so try to partner with those people as well
what’s up looks like Rob from gentrify GPS what’s up man how you doing Ben you
said we’re dropping Jules today nice looks like a diamond on
there I like diamonds that’s cool thanks for
the shout out there want to get into I have a couple other places that I know
are doing well are doing well right now just from talking to people so just as a
side note mortgage business is doing what really well I don’t know how
necessarily the real estate business is doing but mortgage people are
refinancing and getting out of that really quickly so how could you partner
with mortgage companies as they’re closing deals with people could you be
that partnership with those people hey you just refinanced great thank you
for the loyalty I would love to send a gift and you could be that company that
sends a gift so that’s something okay there’s are we have a couple more things
guys as far as strategies and if you have questions thanks for Bennie for
dropping that question there if you guys coming in after the live and you get
this far into it please leave a comment again this is really for you guys as
well and if you have comments or questions we have some people who are
helping other people out with their business that’s what this is for as well
but if you also have some questions specific to your business let us know
let’s let’s brainstorm let’s answer the question live here that’s what we’re why
we’re doing this so one thing for the online retailer so a lot of people think
that they’re not necessarily buying clothes anymore so I’m thinking of you
people who are also already selling things online but you’re in a an
industry where like you’re not gonna like I’m gonna go not gonna go spend a
bunch of money on clothes that may be true but you may be able to again
partner I said look at this as a huge partnership work with other businesses
who say like okay great I’m gonna create this working from home mom t-shirt and
outfit and it’s a sweater and jeans and shoes and then
also has like toilet paper and it also has you know other things that are going
on right now so so maybe some food or whatever and you partner with a
restaurant and that’s your quarantine package or your stay-at-home parent
package or your what does another words like the stay-at-home teacher or
whatever so like that’s your package and you could package that up work with
other local businesses and sell that online because we are see we do work
with online retailers as well and it will tell you that they’re getting sales
every single day they’re not as many sales what they had but that does it
we’re strategically looking and working to to actually increase it but more
importantly people are still buying everyday it’s not like everybody just
all of a sudden just stop spending money because that’s not the case now some
people may have spent less money but that doesn’t mean that if somebody was
gonna spend $100 and they want to spend 40 now it doesn’t mean that they’re not
gonna spend their $40 they’re just not spending as much so you can still grab
those sales online okay well I’m just saying we’re gonna get into some
examples here yeah Jack if you can pull up my screen so I saw this maybe a
couple of days ago and I shared it on my personal Facebook but very similar to
what Aaron’s saying very similar to what we said earlier about packaging your
services whiskey cake in Plano and Aaron just showed me a little bit earlier blue
goos Cantina is also doing something similar where you can probably not see
the pictures very well but right there they’re doing these once a day
quarantine kits right where I mean they have all this inventory in the back of
the house they can’t necessarily have customers to dine in and they don’t
necessarily have a drive-through window right so a lot of people are offering
curbside pickups and things like that but with kick or they’re doing something
a little bit different where they’re sort of packaging up their the stuff
right that they have as far as inventory chicken eggs onions steaks now that beer
wine thanks to the governor for allowing that and their packaging this up and you
just have to call in and basically reserve it I think that’s how it works
because I know people Vince – there’s like oh we’re only selling 40 of these
packages a day which it seems to me like they’re selling out of it and it’s like
I don’t know a $60 package 40 50 $60 package or whatever I can’t remember
exactly how much it is but yeah or something like that I mean so they’re
still making sales maybe I know whiskey cake probably does way more than that
but they’re at least finding creative ways to make those sales happen yeah
this is $60 but yeah the other day was like 48 bucks and it was like 30 eggs
steaks like it was insane the amount of food that you get a gallon of milk so it
was actually a pretty cool concept and I shared it on my on my personal wall so
again it’s about thinking about creative ways on the things that you offer their
services that you provide and seeing how you can either package them to be online
or package them and sell them in a different way kind of like how a whiskey
cake is doing right now yeah and Chris Christina said the packs have been
amazing from whiskey cake they have gone to first-come first-serve so like
obviously there’s demand and the thing is Kristina knows about it Christian
knew about it 700 people engage with it on social media that could be your
business why can’t you find a unique way to sell your business it just happened
to be like whiskey cake offers restaurant food and beer just like
everybody else they have their own touch to it but honestly there’s no specific
touch to this because they’re not the ones cooking and are serving and if
you’ve been to whiskey cake you know it’s a lot about the experience and the
the way that they do their food there but it’s like they’re telling you hey
you go make it but we’re just gonna provide it to you so it’s just a unique
way to get in front of them and you could do that as well
I know the edible arrangements and Anna was telling me like they’re offering
like a fresh fruit like a produce package so it’s like normally their
stuff is like very nice and pretty and they’re known for the really large
bouquets and stuff but they’re like no if you need apples and bananas and all
this stuff we have it we’ll send you a fresh fruit bouquet so they’re just
trying to figure out innovative ways geo said follow Plano foodies on
Facebook to find other restaurants that are making kids see I mean so now we’ve
kind of started a trend or they have starting out we they’ve started a trend
where people are creating kits for them side of their businesses which is which
is funny because it looks like there’s quite a few of them inside of there and
that’s what works I mean you probably shouldn’t necessarily mean you could
copy him from right now but think about something unique and offer it yourself
and I think whenever you’re doing like promo items or things like that or
working like this don’t forget to do your same your offer your your same
offers and since like if you were gonna do a BOGO or if you’re gonna do a
contest or if you’re gonna tag friends or anything like that all of that’s
still relevant like you should still be doing it I feel like right now people
are like oh they’re not gonna spend money so I don’t want to ask people to
spend money but what they don’t realize is that like if you don’t spend money in
your local economy then it just makes it worse so like we should all still
continue which I challenge you tonight find a local restaurant and hopefully
we’ll have a solution sometime soon find a local restaurant that’s doing delivery
or curbside and shop there at least once a week like you would normally do we all
have to buy food anyway and it does help our local economies it doesn’t matter if
you’re in Dallas could be and you know Ohio it’s still important for you to
shop local and buy local and those people are still spending money so you
should still have contests you should still do your buy one get one you should
still be doing things to help people by making those types of purchases I’m also
going to follow those plain of the Plano foodies but it seems like it’s almost at
this point I’m hungry so it’s almost bad to start looking at their stuff I see
there’s about 18 people on right now I really just want to know if there’s any
specific questions for your business like I said we talked a lot about retail
and partnerships and making sure that you find a way to productize your system
online if you are like a service based business there is a lot of resources out
there like I said we’ll talk about those resources here in just a second Sara Yan
says oh she has a question any subscriptions Shopify apps you’d
recommend Christian I forget the one I’ve looked into whenever she was
talking about subscription like like a every month you get a like a thing
what’s it called it’s like escaping me right now it’s
basically like alright every month I’m gonna get for you guys I know Sarah own
Stevie J’s so shout out to them alright every month I’m gonna get five new bows
or three new bows on a subscription like a like a monthly order I could not think
of what I was talking about for a second yeah that’s more of a question for
Christians so in the meantime while he’s pulling those up I mean I don’t think
we’ve necessarily used any for different clients as far as I can stall and
obviously the bold is definitely one of the bigger apps inside of Shopify and
the Shopify app store and yeah I mean yeah I really haven’t used any
subscription-based like product because we’ve done service where it’s like
recurring or whatever but yeah right yeah we just strive for that but not
like a product inside of Shopify to do this description but I mean I would look
at a competition that’s a I mean I think the number one thing that I would do is
look at competition seeing how they’re doing what they’re using exactly and
kind of go from there to make the decision I mean obviously I just made
quick search on Shopify App Store and I mean they do have a lot of different
things a lot of different obviously bold is the one that stands out to me because
I’ve seen their apps before and have a plethora of different services and
plugins and apps but yeah I was just looking at what makes sense for your
business based on what they offer and Sarah says she’s gonna send one that
she’s found and I mean Sarah for yours because it is a product this is a great
time to move into a subscription model because you know honestly most
businesses will I realize this too you’re gonna have 80% of your sales from
20% of the customers so if you can get those people on subscription they’re
gonna help float the company same thing for your your regulars I would think
highly encourage you guys if you have emails you have text messages reach out
to those high like traffic customers those people who are your best customers
that you know you are talking to a lot reach out to them but I would do it
personally and say like hey Joe we know you normally order twice a week
your regular here how can we still serve you how can we still offer this for you
we know that you know things are different now we can’t necessarily come
in or you can’t necessarily get what the service you would like but we would love
to extend a very VIP service to you because we have the time now you don’t
tell them that but I mean you do have the time now and you tell them hey I’d
love to give this VIP service to you because this person you used to shop
with you before you know that they’re missing your service they just probably
need to be reached out too so I think that those that’s a very tactful way or
tactical wait for you to get those hi you know the customers who spend the
most money with you Sarah asked how can I tell I can see some people are but I
wouldn’t know how to see which apps they have in their background that’s probably
a little bit more sophisticated right because they would have to go to like a
developer mode and then search for apps right mmm yes I mean it’s yeah it’s
looking at their code essentially you can go to the inter browser if you go to
the website you can see I think it’s tools and like view source so it’s kind
of like digging through code to kind of see what they’re using but it will
literally tell you so if you have some competition in mind that you know that
they’re using something just send it to us and we can kind of look that over and
tell you what they’re using Jack if you can pull up my screen I just saw this on
Instagram just now 24-hour fitness here in Fairview there are they posted this
three or four minutes ago so they’re offering some of the beverages and pre
workouts and those type of things that they offer for you to just kind of swing
by and buy them from them instead of I don’t know going to Walmart or yeah
that’s smart so definitely support those type of
businesses gyms that they’re not necessarily open right now so but they
do have inventory and they have yeah like the cookies bars
pre-workout with protein to have all these energy and C ish yeah kinda hmm
yeah that’s cool so I mean yeah they’re finding a way like hey people can’t come
here to work out like you can still buy our retail stuff and really you should
go buy it anyway because their milk and all that stuff’s gonna go bad you have
to buy it anyway so support those those local companies I can’t see as the
comment what kind of rose on my end okay and let me see make sure we covered all
of this here again for those who are jumping in I know that just kind of goes
back and forth if you have questions specific to your business and it may be
something where you’re a little leery to like leave a comic feel like look I
don’t want to tell people that I’m struggling right now or I don’t want to
tell people that like my cells aren’t where they’re supposed to be I think if
if any time the people are understanding and can be relatable now was that time
so please don’t feel like that you could message us it’d probably take longer for
us to get it but if you know if you have a question it could be very generic but
let’s figure out a way to help you and I just want to make sure we hit on all of
our tips here before we we go into some resources for you guys which we will
share with you but I also want to just make sure we talk about them as well
all right live videos we talked about that again I really hope that coffee
shops are listening I think that’d be cool I think those virtual hangouts are
gonna be crucial right now using something like zoom and doing virtual
hangout so if you normally are talking to people you should do it that way next
week we’re doing a live workshop on how to use Facebook Ads to scale your
business and we would normally meet in person but the good thing is we can
still do that via zoom and we’re still gonna do that via zoom so it’s like
we’re gathering these people and we’re just gonna do it virtually instead of
in-person still some kind of an impact talk about expenses okay and then just
follow the money I think that’s the biggest thing right now follow the
companies that are doing really well right now follow the people who are
still growing and partner with those people how can you offer your services
with them how can two local businesses team up how can two online businesses
meet up how can a life coach which we saw earlier which is really cool how can
a life coach and business coach meet up together and work
together to help each other’s clients which we just saw in the comments here
which was super cool so I think right now it’s about making sure that the
small business and local business communities work together and create
that partnerships to help each other grow like how can we all work together
and if nobody speaks up we don’t know if somebody is hurting because last someone
is for them to shut their doors so this is about partnering up and working
together to make sure that we can still serve our community because there’s a
lot of people in our communities that they want to buy they just don’t know
where to go they don’t know the offers they don’t know the deals we can’t help
it but if you know if we see a great deal buy one get one and it’s you know
Chris and I can both get dinner at whiskey cake for 50 bucks
hey let’s go halves on this like we’re still gonna take up that deal so um just
make sure you’re still out there Steve Reed good question he said any
recommendation or services to drive traffic to YouTube so Steve there’s I
mean there’s a couple of factors there to drive traffic to YouTube but I
recommend installing – buddy – buddy yeah yeah I think they have a they have
a free version – I mean we be be uddi way okay so Jack said that it’s like a
tiered feature so like the pit arts and account so you can unlock different
features with each tier but yeah look at – buddy it’s more of a plug into your
browser then just go to lives inside of YouTube and it helps you create better
thumbnails create better end cards create captions it kind of outlines what
are the things that you need to hit in order to have a successful video along
with insights from other channels and just a bunch of different analytic tools
and keywords and different things so highly highly recommend to check out
tube buddy as far as other like any on one like
that’s killing it on YouTube I think so like getting back to it’s kind of taking
you out of a comfort level right now Steve and even anybody else who’s
listening right now now is the absolute time for you to create content that’s
topical about what’s going on and not to capitalize on it because I don’t think
that’s correct right way to do it but you can talk
about pain points that people have right now and how you offer a solution to them
because people are searching about the coronavirus or covid19 or anything like
that and you offer a solution that’s helping people and it’s not click Beatty
then you are doing a disservice if you aren’t doing that YouTube absolutely
loves to have your content frequently or once you update your content frequently
so going live multiple times per week or I mean you can go live but posting your
videos multiple times per week is good yeah your watch time is important but
like for Facebook and for anything else it’s it’s all about making sure that you
get a good organic presence if you have a good organic presence and people are
watching your content the next step which is again out of people’s comfort
zone is to spend money you can reach 10 people and you can continue to reach 10
people or 50 people and that’s still gonna be the case it doesn’t matter if
this is going on or not going on you’ve got to spend money to reach more people
it’s a kind of a pay-for-play pay-to-play
but the good thing right now is that there’s not a bunch of people paying
because they’re concerned but the people who are spending it in businesses that
you know about they’re continuing to spend money on advertising and spinning
that money so that they can reach more people because think about it this way
Steve you’re doing yourself a disservice if you have an amazing product or
service and you’re not getting in front of people when they need it most right
now so creating great content is good but it
can only take you to a certain level you have to add some gasoline to that fire
so if you already have that if you have a product or service it’s great I
wouldn’t look at doing some advertising on it I would you know at the very least
boost that post reach more people because that’s more of an impact that
you can make let’s go through these surprisingly I have two buddy no clue
how to really use it well there you go stare that’s fine you have it that’s
step one I mean it is a lot I’ll be honest it’s that they provide a lot of
good information and a lot of different tools and resources so it’s definitely a
lot that they provide but it’s good information for sure Robbie said does
asking daily YouTube bloggers and your promote your services and products and
their videos for referral fee work so essentially what are they called
influencer influencer marketing yes yeah that’s more probably a long term type of
approach and it probably could be something you could use right now but
the content creators are absolutely I think it’s the biggest opportunity for
content creators so if you are in front of the right audience it does make sense
but for your influencers what people think is that you can be like Kylie
Jenner and you post a product and you get a thousand sales and like an hour
that’s not how it works your best influencers are like those
micro influencers where you have you know they have a thousand to five
thousand ten thousand followers and you have tons of them and you reach out to
five or ten of them or whatever and it’s gonna take time
so it’s going to take you know it’s a great strategy be using right now but
realize that it may not pay for itself for another three to six months but it
is a huge impact and growth in your business because really all it is is
getting your product in front of the right audience it’s just a unique way to
do it so do I think that it will give you sales right away
no is it effective in your business absolutely
so hopefully that answered your question sarah said we figured we’d be proud
you’re right Steve that’s good to know that that’s what you’ve been doing if
it’s already working then continue to do it if it’s not working then probably try
something a little bit different and if you haven’t been spending money on ads
or anything like that then you may want to try that route Jody says it is so
wonderful to support one another and bring in business for each of us we all
have our own unique strengths and we can leverage each other’s strengths and
service love to support so I would encourage everybody who’s on here Jody
is a business coach reach out to her see how she can help you and see how you
guys can work together because obviously she talks to business owners she talks
to other people she’s probably pretty well-connected I would assume just
because she’s a business coach so how can you get support from from her how
can you guys work together so it looks like she’s very open to that yep
is there any other questions I do want to give a shout I think we
we should give a shout-out to Matthew oh he did leave a comment earlier saying
that he’s always here for all of our live videos and that’s very true
you are even if it’s in the middle of the week you’re watching our live videos
and he’s even told me that when we premiere videos go to the fake live
videos he gets mad because he can’t interact with us any of that stuff so
Thank You Matthew appreciate we appreciate that my
computer’s going super slow right now so I don’t know if there’s any did we miss
any other comments that’s a big thing I don’t want to miss anybody or if anybody
said something I want to touch on all of it please make sure to leave a comment
below my computer is going so slow do you want to leave these uh the resources
the links in the comments yeah we’ll leave the resources in the comments one
thing I do want to tell you guys is that we are going to put a promo code
together for our like our Facebook foundations which is my bro we’re giving
our way for free yeah yeah all right well it’s the promo to give it for free
yeah it’s a the code you have to use to use to give it away to free or whatever
because we can’t just say like free just go here so we are gonna give that away
for free at least for the next 30 days and the biggest thing there is this is
for people who want to start an online business or people who will have a
brick-and-mortar doesn’t matter but they have an idea of what to do on Facebook
but they really are kind of lost and they go to Google more often than not
this is the course for you we talked about strategy posting and we touch a
little bit on advertising it doesn’t go super in-depth but it does talk about
your first strategy on advertising and how to set up a campaign but all that’s
gonna be free to you guys we just need to get the code for you and we’ll share
that link so that that way you guys can take advantage of its use that time to
go through the course ramp up your Facebook page figure out a way to get in
front of your audience and start advertising yep and I mean some of the
other links that we have we’ll put the link for sin Fox for the Facebook
foundation scores with us a link for SBA and then if they link from Facebook
Facebook dropped a resource for business owners there’s a lot of different things
in there a resilience toolkit a quick action guide PDF you can download for
free they also have some courses and so we’re gonna drop those in there in
the comments so you guys can get those awesome and if you guys like this and
you’ve gotten to the end or you’ve watched all the way to this part I’ve
see some comments that are obviously people liked the live video we can do
this more often if you have specific questions or anything right now is a
little bit different we want to give the advice that we’re giving to you to
ourselves as well which is okay let’s go live let’s answer these questions let’s
see how we can help you guys services that we would normally charge for how
can we give that away to you guys for free so that you can continue to grow
your business so have you enjoyed this if you liked the livestream please let
us know below because that’s the only way we’re gonna know if we should
continue to do them and if you watch all the way to the end and this wasn’t the
live stream and you watch till the end from not the live stream please like DM us
and let us know I’m just very curious if anybody watched all the way to the end
so at least when I’m Mayans thank you guys so much I hope you got a lot out of
this will connect the resources and we’re still cheering for you guys as
businesses please don’t hesitate to reach out or connect we’re happy to help
yes have anything okay alright we’re safe safe now all right thank you guys
have a great rest of your Friday and enjoy the weekend bye

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