Chạy Thử Xe Đua Điều Khiển Nitro RC Độ Siêu Mạnh – Lê Tấn Phát

Congratulations The most recent of which is Nguyen and his friend Today I’m making a video on how to watch my friend’s car Now it’s my cellphone. I put it in my friend’s pocket It’s like he and his kid liked it right now right on the screen The camera has been chipped Now I will attach to the silver camp Ok, got it Music Shoot for your life model This car has been racing Make a super powerful RC control car This is yours Price chives Now I play Fire Open stars open open ones You sent it Huh I will make one so how do you say Video for you to watch Ok, got it Wei wei Spin around twirl Dragon ball This model has just been taken Now it’s off I recommend you this is still hot huh Heart Release the hearts you have consumed Good times Bien Hoa 2019 Award This is already running. This is the owner Because the car Gas station What biological friends do not have a trip, this one bought an 800,000 huh You let the engine run Turn this into the device Your address Always in Cao Thắng, bro Hoang Anh iPad is always home yet Simple is always simple Each car goes a lot of cars always You’re just an eighth-inch know what else you have to call more speed Pull it two kilos At the moment, everyone who is focusing on their driver’s car will get asked to play Eagle Now I’m going to refuel This machine Hihi Guys and I would like to end with the video here if you love it, don’t forget Sunny with a Line signup Start Later I have money to build a car. I’m racing with my friend, huh. I thank you for watching this video too.

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