Barbershop Lockdown – 3 Marketing Strategies to Make Money for Your Barber Shop During this Lockdown

Barbershop Lockdown – 3 Marketing Strategies to Make Money for Your Barber Shop During this Lockdown

Are you a barber or shop owner and you’re wondering what the hell am I going to do during its lockdown? How am I going to make money to feed my family or as a shop owner? how are you gonna be able to bring some extra income for your barbers and Just to keep your staff going throughout this difficult time My name is Mike Joseph founder visual media marketing the number one advertising agency for barber shops and what we did was we kind of look back you looked at every advertising campaign or ran we consulted with other barber shops and figuring out What’s the best practices to bring an extra income throughout this down period so I got that I got a short list here I’m gonna go over three I’ll probably do a video that goes over a few others once they’re proven right because some of them are just ideas that haven’t been proven yet and I want to make sure Anything I tell you is something that I myself have tested for our clients and then that works So to begin let’s start with number one and the rhone is offering some type of gift card or online Coupons that people can purchase now and get their service later for when you guys are allowed to reopen for example I would run you can rather brother says an ad or just a email blast your your customer lists or send a text message Notification to all your your clients your previous clients or just even posters on Facebook or Instagram what you want to do is say hey clean this about online voucher you get 10% off or If you buy this 10% off even if it’s around 30 bucks or whatever. Is it still bring an extra income now? To feed you your families now, right? Because all these drivers I’m talking about is how we can get money now into your pockets So we can make it for the next couple weeks So again offering gift cards is a great way to bring in new revenue for your shop as well as your shop owner if you’re trying to bring in more extra income to so you can be able to Pay out your Barbara’s or cover the overhead This is what you want to do. And then they’ll be able to redeem these gift cards once you guys are allowed to reopen The next strategy that we have that we’ve seen that’s been working Well with a lot of people across the industry is we call it an ass campaign It’s really in layman’s terms is really asking for donations support your barber shop as a small business So we’ve seen some some accounts. What they’ll do is they go and create a GoFundMe Some people are requesting via cash app or venmo Whatever is most whatever makes most sense for your barber shop in your brand We see that this strategy works very well If you have been if you’re if you were if you have been very involved in a community, right if you’re a barber shop That’s you know sponsors sports teams in your in the school district or you’ve done donations yourself You’re partnered with food drives things like that things that really if you’re a community Based barber shop. If you’re very about much about the community usually in times like this Your community will give back to you, right? It’s almost like it’s good karma in the sense and what we see it definitely helps again. We just need to bring in revenue now And then we’ll be able to make a lot of it A lot of this deficit more allowed to reopen is these are just strategies to help you guys get over the hump of these next two or three weeks So yeah run a donation campaign or a GoFundMe campaign And number three and I guess you can kind of split it into two parts I would say selling online products and selling online merchandise right when it comes to products beard oils pool needs You know any type of hair product I think the best way to sell something like this Especially to your community is maybe reaching out to a few in your community earlier and your in your in your city that you know that have some influence to have a big following and Offering them a free sample in order for them to put it in front of their audience and then make it and you can work Out a deal. So if you’re not familiar with how influence of marketing works, I probably do a separate video on that I’ll link here once it’s created but the way influencer marketing work is that there’s no real price on Influencer marketing it’s still very new Meaning some people will charge 20 bucks for you to advertise on their Instagram some people who try to thousands of dollars All these things are the Kardashian level you’re talking about hundreds and thousands of dollars even more so What I recommend that you do is reach out to some of these Influencers in your market and some of them will do it for free You just give them a free sample of whatever product you’re selling All right, so that’s one way of going about it if you don’t have any one or you’re not familiar with anyone in your in your community that Isn’t influencer or if you want to reach out to a much more broader audience because selling products is different from something You know a haircut people selling products. You can do it all over the country Or even all over the world So what I would do if you’re looking for a an influencer in your field is let’s say for example, you’re selling butyl. I Would search up the hashtag beard hashtag beard gang or you know any of these popular beard hashtags And I would go down and see who’s using these hashtags and the people who are posting are usually either other barber shop owners other Educators in the industry and obviously influencers. So then I would find out I will do my research and say, okay these are the people who are Ranking for this hashtag And they’ll reach out to them and see if they’re willing to do some type of collaboration again A lot of the time you can get away with just giving them a free sample and don’t promote it Some people they’ll do it in exchange for a percentage of profits or they’ll just do what that’s an affiliate So that’s that way of going about it Going about it and the other way that you can kind of go about selling online merchandise And what I mean by merchandise, I’m talking about t-shirts to have your brand logo on it hats beanies hoodies things like that There’s a lot of different sites that you can use that are very user friendly So you don’t have to be an expert graphic designer. You can use a site like teespring comm Where you can go on there literally all you use upload the file of your logo and they’ll be it You’ll be able to place or not anywhere on a shirt and you can sell it again to your community to your audience now when? It comes to selling online products and selling Merchandise I owe This is just it’s not even what I think this is just what the david has shown me is the best Way to go about selling your so the best audience asila – easier your current client base right because they already know you and It’s a big difference from trying to sell something to a warm audience Versus a polled audience on one body in two songs or a million with your brand In the most likely an existing customer and when exposed to your brand, maybe most like we’ve got a haircut from you They’ve already given you money right versus a cold audience who have never murdered You’ve never seen your brain before and it’s very unlikely for them to make a purchase from you without some sort of third-party credibility Testimonial or it needs to be a real demand for whatever service or product you’re offering So what I would do is I would root first at first market to my more money, right? I would you know post on social media the people were already following you. Hopefully you you’ve been you’ve been Marketing locally and not in broader terms. If a lot of your followers are targeted this works it’s not you can only join social media has a geofence here your location but again, we want to you want to sell to our warm body so you can do that by running social media ads to them or Just doing an email blast campaign and just saying. Hey guys, so please support your local businesses Obviously what with a shutdown that’s going on right now We’re obviously making no income that would mean the world to us If you can if you can buy a t-shirt or something that helps support us In this time of need or in this time of uncertainty. That’s how you would go about it Same thing when it comes any or your beard products. So again, This video is obviously a little bit different from a lot of my other videos We’ve normally they’re a lot longer but I feel like with the time that we’re in right now The quicker I can get this information out to you the better So as you see this videos and then Avila a lot of cuts or anything like that It’s a little bit more raw because of the situation. We’re in right now obviously we’re in time with uncertainty and You know, a lot of people are scared and everyone how you know, you have the right to feel that way But I feel it if you’re a barber shop ordered hair stylist own salon, or even if you’re in a tattoo parlor But whatever it is and you’re in the service business of servicing other people it’s very important that we stick this out together and Any information that you see that’s working on your end, like let’s share Again, the only reason I kept this video to you know Three or four strategies is because everything else that I have bubblin in my mind We’re still rolling out and we don’t know if it works yet. We don’t know if it works yet if you if you know Some of these ideas I do talk to talk my facebook group I do have a private Facebook group if you like to join us 100% free We give a lot of free information their marketing and advertising strategies and different ways to bring customers back and things of that nature And we’re going to link it down here in the description below is called the barbers hangout. So if you go to facebook-dot-com forward-slash Group forward slash barbers hangout I just click join and you’ll be in that group and you’ll get access to me and my team But yeah again we’re obviously in a time of uncertainty and really what I’m trying to do is just Provide as much information. I can to you guys so if you’re seeing this video on YouTube I would like if you subscribe it’s a notification bell that way you’ll be notified when I drop my next video and hope and again, my next video is Everything from here on out until this blows over it’s gonna be a lot of content that’s relevant to what’s happening right now, right? I can’t talk about what Facebook advertising techniques work the best for something that was happening that worked for us two months ago because Right now you’re not open. So it’s different strategies that we gotta use in order to test stick this out so everything from here on until this blows over is gonna be more relevant to what’s going on in the world today and and how We can work together as a community to Pushing envelope for our businesses so, you know to set ourselves up for success I’m for when we are allowed to reopen and not just sit on our hands nothing and panicking and just be paralyzed by our fear because that’s the last thing that’s the worst thing you can do last thing you Should ever do we should take advantage of the time we have now? by creating content producing content just figuring out different ways to be creative as a barber hair stylist you’re Creative by nature that’s in your blood so it’s time that we take advantage of that and we tap into that into that resource and We just figure out what works best for our audiences and whatever. It does share it in my Facebook group as you’ll notice I’ll be here at content there daily. I’m going over different tips strategies that we can use to get us over this hump So once we are allowed to reopen Will be positioned much better for success So again guys, if you’re watching this on youtube hit the subscribe button If you’re watching this on Facebook hit the like hit the share tag a barber share this with you with your other Facebook group so we can get the word out there on what’s working in the industry and how we can Further push the envelope for our businesses. I can’t thank you guys for watching I appreciate you and I wish you guys the best of luck and the best of success take it

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