• John Hammer

    Gary, please do a tutorial on proper email quoting etiquette and technique!

    I just love it when the sig on an email is "Sent from my iPad" or something similar. It might as well say, "I don't know how to use my iPad." I think in 2007 there was some snobbery involved in sending mail with the sig "Sentfrom my iPhone" but that's two decades old now.

    Go crazy with all the RTF codes and special characters you want but don't use images. Nothing is more annoying than waiting for embedded images to load or for sig images to eat up my bandwidth or monthly data allotment when I'm working on a mobile device in an area with spotty coverage.

  • badcatdesign

    Cool – how about a video on Gravatars or similar in the email sig? This way the image isn't an attachment, but instead, linked in.

  • Carolina Allende Sepúlveda

    Hello, I am getting this message every time I try to wright an email "the server returned the error: client tried to access nonexistent namespace.'
    Any idea of how can I fixe it?

  • Johnny Dee

    Please do a video on adding a company logo to the email signature without using a jpeg, but a url I think. I Need it for the iPhone mail app and My Mac mail.

  • Bill Roberts

    This does not work for messages sent to Gmail addresses. The signature is replaced by three dots in a gray oval. Clicking on the oval reveals the signature.

  • TheWebStylist

    I mean who can’t use this awesome info?! 🙌🏻⚡️💪🏻💥💻👏🏻

  • Garry Singh

    Hi Gary , Can You Please Make A Tutorial On –
    How To Make ( Move Item Here or Cut Paste ) Option Visible Without Pressing Option Key !!!
    Example – Every Time I Cut Paste, First I Copy Item And Than Hold Option – Move Item Here To Move The Item. Is There A Way To Add Move Item Here Option Visible All The Time , To Avoid Pressing Option Key Every Time ???
    There Was An App Called "Xtrafinder" Which Adds Cut Paste Functionality To The Right Click – But This App No Longer Available On Appstore

  • SFoxvideos

    Useful, as always. Thanks for what you do.

  • Gary Stockton

    Hi Gary, super helpful. I have a question about the light that appears on the top of your monitor, and what looks to be a lower strip style light, where did you get them?

  • Andre Burck

    I'm loving your videos Gary! Makes me feel like I am barely scratching the surface of the capabilities of my MacBook. It was good meet you!

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