🔵 5 Audiencias de Facebook para mejorar tus anuncios en FB Ads

Hi! Curious Social Networks. Are you looking for new audiences they
target in your advertising campaigns Facebook? Wondering how to reach new
potential customers with your ads? Well, the effectiveness of your campaigns
advertising on Facebook, depends on the audience to which you go. However, if you only run
ads for a type of audience, This will not provide sustainable results.
Since you reach a saturation point hearing. Saturation, which always
are the same people who see them ads over and over again. But … instead, you can run campaigns
advertising on Facebook, targeting each type of audience by temperature audiences
cold, temperate hearings or hearings hot. Ie cold hearings are made
by unknown persons who have never heard talk about your business and do not know who you are,
what you do or what services you can offer. Temperate audiences are composed
by people who know us or have heard about us, either because they are part
of our list are people who have visited our website are followers on social networks
or someone you trust, he has spoken us positively. Instead, hot audiences are
composed of people who already know who you are, what you do and what you offer. So, you
‘ve built a relationship with them and even you have already bought or have requested your services.
That is, you know you and your products, and there are many opportunities to acquire
more. So, if you separate this audience, do not
you see negatively affected by saturation. And no doubt you sell more … Well, in today’s video, we’ll see
5 types of audience you can use, to target ads on Facebook, and thus
improve the performance of your ads. Eye, that to do many of the things you
say, need to have installed the pixel Facebook, so if you have not already made
you leave here the tutorial step by step. And nothing, if you want to be on, sign up
and give the bell. Every week I hang 3 videos. JJ am Priego and this is Easypromos
TV. Come on!!!! INTRO Nothing strange, now let ‘s look at five
types of audiences you can use, for segmenting your ads on Facebook. Let us begin. 1. Create a similar audience in Facebook
based on existing customers This first targeting option when
the build correctly, you can provide the best results for audiences cold. And to do this, you must create an audience
similar in Facebook, from your customers existing. To do this you have two ways. First, it is to use a hearing
customized your website, based on events of people, who have made a
purchase event on your website. Second, it is to use audience
Facebook from a list of customers or subscribers uploading a CSV file with
your data. And so, Facebook will use this data
to find new people who share the same characteristics as your customers;
therefore almost can clone Facebook your existing customers. To create these new audiences, you must
go to your hearing panel. To reach Here, you click the button on the menu
principal, “Manage my ads” in the upper right corner. Click on
“Facebook Ads” and go to “Hearings” Assets column. Now you “Create Audience”, click
on “Custom Audience” and then “Website”. In order to open the window
for creating custom audience of the website. Find where it says “All visitors
of the website” drop – down list and change the criteria to “Buy”. In this
example in English is “Purchase”. Is option will bring together all those who have enabled
the purchase action-event, which installed on your website when you set up your pixel
Facebook. Eye, as I said before, if you have not
installed your Facebook or pixel tracking conversions, you can not create audiences
customized in any web. I leave you here, again, a video to learn how to
configure and install the pixel. Well, once you’ve selected
“Buy” as the action of the event, changes duration 30 days to 180 days. And
you should include as many people possible because the greater the public
source, the better the quality of the public. So, after clicking to “Create audience”,
the pop -up window will show a section Steps following two options. Please
click the “Find new people similar to your existing users. ” Then you must choose the country
of destination. Which will be the country where you want Post ads. In this example, the
market is in the United Kingdom and you would choose the United Kingdom in the field of
location. Finally, it sets the size of your audience.
This is determined by the total size of the market available on Facebook in the country
chosen. For any similar public think, begins to build size with
1%. And watch out , if 1% of your audience not is giving good results, try to
improve the quality of your home audience. Skip an audience of 2%, because the
problem is the home audience, not size. 2. Create a similar audience in Facebook based
on visitors to your website This type of audience often gets
high, but beware, it can be very effective. In it, the number of visitors your
site receives each month will determine duration for your audience that will establish
source. Imagine you want to create an audience
of origin, at the least 10,000 people all who have visited your website. Well, if your website receives 10,000 visitors
a month, the duration of your audience would 30 days. However, if your site receives
30,000 visitors per month, lasting more short, 10 days for example, you can generate
better results because it updates the hearing more often. Ie has
the same general audience size, but a duration of different audience. To create this hearing, you must follow the
steps I described above. Without however, you must make some adjustments to the
create custom audience of your website. In this case, instead of selecting “Buy”
in the criteria field, select “All visitors to the website “then you
set the duration, depending on the volume your web traffic. In this example, the site
web receives 90 thousand visitors per month, so the duration of the hearing we will put
in 3 days. But as I’ve said before, if your website receives 10,000 visitors a month,
the time I put in 30 days. Y if they were 30 thousand would put in 10 days. Well, now you’ve created your audience
custom, whose origin your traffic Web. Well, to create a similar audience
on Facebook, you must go to the main panel Audiences. To do this , select the check box,
at the hearing of origin you just created and then, at the top shipping line,
click the button with three dots and select “Similar audiences” calls for
Facebook “Lookalike”. This will take the creation window “Public
similar” we have discussed above. Easy no? 3. Set up a custom audience
on Facebook from people who saw your video. Custom video audience, are
one of the most powerful to segment users who are truly interested
in your product or service. With them, you can group users who have displayed
your promotional videos, but not They have become customers or subscribers,
to impact them with a personalized communication that incites it. This audience works
very well, sales funnels to work, as you can to advance to users
in their buying decision process, through planned a series of videos. And so,
take advantage of the power of video to transmit authority and qualify users for
sale. Let’s see how we can use this functionality. Well, well, if you’re publishing content
video on Facebook or Instagram, both organically and through advertising, this audience
personalized will you well for your advertising on Facebook. Since you can go to people with ads
for Facebook and Instagram, who have seen your videos on platforms. Thus Manager
ad Facebook, you can choose what specific videos should be seen
by people as well as the number of videos. This hearing brings together those people in a
warm audience and works best to guide ads for products or services and direct
traffic to your website. To create this hearing, open the panel
hearings, click Create and select Audience Custom from the dropdown menu. And in
the window “Create custom audience” select Video. In the “Engagement” section of the window
video creation, you must choose your criteria participation. The options are 3 seconds,
10 seconds, 25%, 50%, 75% and 95%. That is to say, how long the user has been watching
your videos. I recommend selecting the least 25%
displayed or 10 seconds, more long as the length of your video. Then
click “Choose videos” and select videos, of which you want to add
people to the audience. Ie only those interesting videos that the audience
have seen, can be potential customers. In order to include them in this custom audience. Finally, set the duration of your audience.
Here, because video views, not usually so high in the temperature of
the hearing as your web traffic, choose a duration shorter for example 7 days,
to obtain maximum relevance and recognition. 4. Create a custom audience on Facebook
for web visitors who did not convert The next audience you can go
is to a warm audience. Obviously, this is the most qualified public,
because … not only contains people who know your business, it also contains, to
those who have visited specifically your website. This type of remarketing web sites can
offer the best overall results you’ll see in your ads Facebook and Instagram
and is quite common to see a return on Facebook double – digit ad spend on
the ROAS. If you go to hearings like this, creates
ads containing social evidence and generates confidence, as they can be opinions
of your customers or testimonials. And then, make a relevant promotion, with
an announcement of what your audience has seen on your website. There are two ways to do this. The first,
is to use dynamic product announcements, If you are an ecommerce business
and sell many different products. The second, It is to refine the orientation of your audience,
based on specific page views, to reduce what products or services they have
seen. But eye, refine your audience views
page, only works if you have a big amount of traffic on your website, ie,
more than 5,000 visitors to this page particular. So if you do not have enough
traffic, you can create a custom audience, Generic web site for all visitors
of your website. So, when you think this custom audience,
select website traffic source. In the audience creation window, change
the status of participation “All visitors to the website “to” people
who visited specific websites “. In the URL field that appears, enter the
URL for which you want to group people. In this example, select the page
“Contact” on our website to guide people who visited, but
finally did consultations. A As with the “public source
like traffic website”, duration you establish yourself in this audience will depend
on your traffic volume. So can use Google Analytics to see how long it
takes you to that particular page, you get at the least 5,000 hits, which is the minimum
required to run a remarketing campaign sustainable of your website. In addition, we also want to add an exclusion
from the event action of those which eventually they became. It is,
despite not having made a consultation finally They bought. Since these will attack by
another site. To do this, again, going back to the
example, we exclude potential customers existing, not to waste the marketing
budget, people who already have converted. To do this, select Lead
on exclusion. For the duration of the audience, as people want to get as many
as possible in this exclusion, I recommend it is configured in a maximum of 180 days. 5. Create a custom audience of Facebook
from existing customers Another way to go to specific people,
with ads Facebook and Instagram, is showing them only your existing customers. And, one of the great misconceptions
that marketers and business owners to often they argue, is that … A customer just
come back and buy again on their own It accounts, without for it would have to
indicate. But this is not true in the world online, and one of the best ways to encourage
toward another purchase, for your existing customers, It is to put an ad in front of them. In addition, these hearings are considered extremely
attractive by definition. Since they are people you have already bought. And, these hearings are the only
type of custom hearing, which will provide even better results, campaigns
remarketing your website. Since these campaigns, offer even better ROAS. In
this example we can see that generated a 26.36. Well, if you followed the creation audience
of Part 1 of this tutorial, you have created this audience in your control panel. But … instead of creating a similar look
from him, now what to do It is to create a new campaign. Then select
the level set of ads audience section in the field of public
customized. And go to this hearing, with advertisements of products or additional services
to generate new revenue from your existing customer base. And nothing more… As you saw, you can use advertising
from Facebook and Instagram, to reach people new or existing, in order to grow
your business. For example, cold hearings contain
people who do not know their business. And within of these hearings are your new
potential customers. Go to these people, as part of the acquisition of new customers,
to grow your business and increase well your income. This includes both public
like as saved audiences. We also have the warm audience,
one audience containing people who They have already interacted with your business on Facebook
or any property of Facebook, including Instagram, WhatsApp Messenger and 2020. And because these people are familiar
with your business, you will see excellent results, a fairly short period of time. And finally, there are hot audiences. And of
course, they offer the highest level of performance and generate the best results, because you
are addressing the most qualified people. And that’s all… How have you been curious and inquisitive? What do you think of this video? I can
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